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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Multi-week discount*:

*The multi-week discount will apply only to full day camps that are paid for at the same time. Ages 4 & 5 Half Day Camps do not count towards the multi-week discount.
Only one discount will be applied. Discount will be applied on payment page.

Ages 4 & 5 Half Day Camps
Completed Kindergarten Camps - SOLD OUT

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Completed 1st Grade Camps
Completed 2nd Grade Camps
Completed 3rd Grade Camps
Completed 4th & 5th Grade Camps
Completed 6th - 8th Grade Camps
Extended Care
Available on a weekly basis in the morning (7am - 9am) and afternoon (4pm - 6pm)
*Extended Care is not available for children attending Ages 4 & 5 Half Day Camps.