Welcome to the MOSI eStore! General Admission - Adult
General Admission - Child
Saunders Planetarium - Non Member
Saunders Planetarium - Member
Sky Trail Ropes Course - Non Member
Sky Trail Ropes Course - Member
Virtual Reality Simulator
SciLinx Miniature Golf Course - Non Member
SciLinx Miniature Golf Course - Member
Discoverers (Party of 2)
Pioneers (Party of 5)
Innovators (Party of 8)
AM Extended Care Members (7am - 9am)
PM Extended Care Members (4pm - 6pm)
Day of Discovery: Adult Member
SkyWatch Admission
Thanksgiving Break - Non-member
Thanksgiving Break - Member
Winter Break - Non-member
Winter Break - Member
Spring Break - Non-member
Spring Break - Member
AM Extended Care (7am - 9am)
PM Extended Care (4pm - 6pm)
SAD: Non-member Adult
SAD: Member Adult
SOCS: Non-member Adult
SOCS: Member Adult
Uncorked: Non-member Adult
Uncorked: Member Adult
Minecraft Mania: Non-member
Minecraft Mania: Member
UF Ext Series: Non-member
UF Ext Series: Member
MB Adult
MB Adult Member
MB Scout 3 hr
MB Scout Member 3hr
MB Scout 4 hr
MB Scout Member 4hr
MB Camp-in Adult
MB Camp-in Adult Member
MB Camp-in Scout
MB Camp-in Scout Member
Cub Scout Adult
Cub Scout Adult Mem
Cub Scout 2 hr
Cub Scout Member 2 hr
Cub Scout 3 hr
Cub Scout Member 3 hr
CS Camp-in Adult
CS Camp-in Adult Member
CS Camp-in Scout
CS Camp-in Scout Member
Girl Scout Adult
Girl Scout Adult Member
Girl Scout 2 hr
Girl Scout Member 2hr
Girl Scout 3 hr
Girl Scout Member 3hr
Curious Kids: Non-member
Curious Kids: Member
SEED 5-7: Non-member
SEED 5-7: Member
SEED 8-10: Non-member
SEED 8-10: Member
SEED Tech 8-10: Non-member
SEED Tech 8-10: Member
SEED Tech 11-13: Non-member
SEED Tech 11-13: Member
Day of Discovery: Adult
Day of Discovery: Child
Kids Chemistry - Adult
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